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Diamond painting kits have grown in popularity over the past few years. Diamond painters love the beautiful pictures they recreate while painting with diamonds. The diamonds, also known as drills, sparkle and gleem as they are added to the painting. Most people find this hobby relaxing and it takes their mind off stressful situations and they say it helps to calm their anxiety.

Diamond painting is a form of mosaic art that involves sticking small, flat-backed "diamond" pieces onto a sticky canvas to form a picture. The diamonds are usually made of resin and come in a variety of colors. They are placed onto the canvas using a stylus or tweezers and are arranged in a pattern to form the desired image. The process of creating a diamond painting is similar to that of cross-stitching or painting by numbers, but the end result is a shimmering, multi-dimensional work of art. Diamond paintings are popular due to their sparkle and texture, and are considered to be a fun and relaxing hobby for people of all ages.