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Old Masters Diamond Painting Kit No Swimming by Norman Rockwell

Old Masters Diamond Painting Kit No Swimming by Norman Rockwell

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Old Masters Diamond Art Kit No Swimming by Norman Rockwell (1921)*  Diamond Painting Kit

*The Saturday Evening Post text is not on the diamond painting canvas. 
I used the image from the magazine because it is touched up and more colorful then the original image than the Norman Rockwell painting.

Norman Rockwell's beloved status as America's best illustrator is exemplified in this painting, which continues to charm audiences even after more than 80 years since its creation. The painting's central focus is a sign that reads "No Swimming," which hints at the premise of the entire piece.

Although we can only imagine how the boys and their dog made their way past the sign to the forbidden swimming hole, Rockwell chose to depict the more interesting part of their journey. It is unknown how long they luxuriated in the refreshing water, but it's possible that this painting was inspired by a heatwave in June 1921.

The viewer is left to ponder who or what is chasing them. Is it a farmer or a sheriff, on foot or on horseback. The boys are fleeing in various states of undress, and their fear is palpable as they run as fast as they can, glancing back at their pursuer.

Despite the chaos, they pay no attention to the "No Swimming" sign on their way out, just as they did on the way in. 

Original Masterpiece: 

  • oil on canvas painting
  • 25.25 x 22.25 inches

Your masterpiece

  • Artist canvas
  • Full drill, square
  • 22.5 by 26
  • 69 colors

Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Diamond art painting kit for adults and teens

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