Collection: Old Masters Diamond Painting Kits Old Master Artists

Explore our collection of Old Masters paintings transformed into diamond painting kits. These kits are rich in confetti, making them ideal for expert-level diamond painters.

I put these kits together when they are ordered. Please allow 2 months for delivery.  The 5 to 6 days delivery time you see on google is the shipping time once the kits are shipped. This is very misleading and I am looking in to why the shipping companies delivery time is listed on google.

Are you new to diamond painting but captivated by the image? Don't feel overwhelmed! By breaking down the paintings into manageable sections, completing the diamond painting becomes a more manageable task.

I advise against tackling one color at a time; it might drive you to the brink of frustration.

Diamond painting kits made in America, ships from Massachusetts.
Diamond painting drills and accessories are sources from China.