What is Diamond Painting?

What is Diamond Art Painting?

It is a relatively new artform created a while ago, but became very popular in 2015 and has quickly become on of the worlds most favorite hobby. It is not only a fun hobby; adults have found it to be stress relieving. So, that is an added bonus. This is also an alternative to cross stich.

You can find all kinds of paintings to do from landscapes, birds, ocean scenes, super heroes, to wild life and so much more.

The diamond drills are made of plastic or resin and are flat on one side. You can usually choose between round or square diamonds when you order a diamond painting kit. 

A tool kit is included with each diamond painting kit and includes a drill pen, wax, tweezers, and a tray.

Diamond art painting kit. A drill pen, tray, wax, tweezers, and diamond resin drills
Drills also come in crystal rhinestones or with a finish called Aurora Boaralis, commonly called AB diamonds. These diamonds have a finish on them that creates and amazing sparkle to your finished piece.

Your kit comes with a canvas that has the image you chose. The canvas is covered with an adhesive, and it is coded so you know what color diamonds to put down.  A special pen type tool is used to pick up the diamonds and attach them to your canvas with the image on it.

The kits come with everything you need to complete your project. Some people purchase a light pad that goes underneath the painting to make the codes easier to see. Some purchase a lighted magnifying stand with a flexible arm so you can position the magnifying glass between you and the canvas. It all depends on what your personal need may be.

This hobby is popular with men as well as women. Stories abound of women’s husbands or boyfriends sitting down to give it a try and quickly discover they enjoy it and purchase projects of their own to complete.

Tips and tricks:

Do not peel the plastic or paper cover from the canvas all at once. Just peel off enough to uncover the area where you are going to work. You can easily cut the covering so you can work on one section at a time.

Use an empty egg carton to keep your packs of diamonds organized. If you decide to continue with this hobby, there are all kinds of products to help you be organized and ready. For example: you can buy cases with empty bottles to store your drills in.

When you have decided on a painting, pay close attention to the size. The for details there are in the painting, the  larger canvas you want to choose for the details to be more clear on the completed painting.

If your painting arrives with creased caused by shipping, put your canvas between your mattress over night or put some heavy books on it. Do not worry, this an easy fix.