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A Homespun Hobby

Refund & Return Policy

Refund & Return Policies

All purchases of clearance items are final. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted.

All packages will be insured when they are shipped. If you receive an item that is damaged, contact me at or call me at 413.244.6934. Explain the situation and send photos of the damaged item. If just the box is damaged, and the product is not, a refund will not be issued. If the product is damaged, I will send you a shipping label to return the product. Once the product is received by A Homespun Hobby, a refund will be issued or the exact same product will be sent to you if that is what is agreed upon in writing. 

If you purchase an item and decide that you do not wish to keep your purchase, it will be your responsibility to pay for shipping with insurance to send the product back. It must be unopened and in it's original packaging. Once A Homespun Hobby has received the item unopened and in it's original packaging, you will be issued a refund for the price of the product only. Ship your product to 6 Gold St #2 Westfield, MA 01085

You have 30 days to return your purchase from the date you received your purchase. The tracking number will verify this exact date.

If you purchase products on promotion, for example, buy 2 get 1 free, and you return the two products, you must also return the product you received for free. If you do not, you will be charged full price for the free product. You will be responsible to pay for the shipping with required insurance, to return the products.

All sales are final with a Free Gift with Purchase promotion. You may not return any item you purchased during this promotion. If you receive at item that is damaged, you can contact us and send us photographs of the damage. After you return the damaged item a replacement item will be sent.


We promise your money back if the item you received is not as described.

Your purchase is protected if:- The item was purchased on my website.
- The item you received was damaged, defective, or substantially different from the item represented on the product detail page.
- Your order did not arrive not due to factors related to the buyer (for example: the wrong shipping address was provided).
- Your account is in good standing.
- Your item is returned to the seller due to customs duties (customs clearance/taxes are not included).

Contrary to popular belief, there is no set law about return policies in Massachusetts. As long as a product is not defective, a store can have any return policy they want so long as it is clearly disclosed somewhere in the store and you have a chance to read it before buying your product. Defective merchandise must be accepted for return, regardless of any policy, and you must be given the option of a repair, replacement item, or refund of the price.

  • A salesperson cannot misrepresent the store's return policy in order to convince you to buy an item or fail to honor it should you wish to return it during the disclosed return period.
  • When a store issues a merchandise credit for returned goods, you have at least seven years from the date of issue to redeem the credit.
  • “Cooling-off periods” exist only in certain, limited situations. Many consumers mistakenly believe that after they purchase a product they have a "cooling-off period" during which they can cancel the contract or return an item.

When is the cooling-off period allowed?

Door-to-Door Sales: If you make a purchase for over $25 at a place other than a merchant's usual place of business, Massachusetts and federal law allows you three days to cancel and get your money back. You must notify the seller in writing within three business days of signing the contract and must allow the seller to pick up the goods at your house, or agree to ship the items back to the seller at no cost to you. If the seller does not pick up the goods within 20 days of the notice of cancellation, then you may keep or dispose of them as you wish.

Credit Repair and Services Organizations: You may cancel a contract for credit repair and services until midnight of the third business day after signing it. Your payment will be returned within 10 days of the organization receiving your cancellation notice.

Gym or Health Club memberships: Consumers have three business days to cancel a health club contract no matter where it was signed. Cancellation must be done by written notice and your money must be refunded within 15 days. (Health spas, sports clubs, weight control centers, and martial arts schools are all considered health clubs.)

Time Shares: To cancel a time share contract, notify the seller of your intent to cancel no later than three business days after signing the contract. If you paid by check, a refund must be made immediately as long as the check was not yet deposited into the seller's account, otherwise it must be refunded within 7 days. If you paid by credit card, a credit must be made to your account immediately.

Additional Resources for Refund, Return & Cancellation Policies

Key Terms to Know

  • Sale: For the term “sale” to be used in an ad when the actual savings are not stated, the law requires the savings to be at least 10% for items regularly priced $200 or less, and at least 5% for items over $200. If you buy an item at the regular price and it goes on sale soon after, there is no law requiring the store to refund the difference in price. However, many stores will give you a refund out of good will.
  • Rain Check: A store that has run out of an advertised special must allow you to buy the product at the advertised price when it is in stock again, unless specified in the ad that quantities may be limited or unless the demand was more than could reasonably have been anticipated. The store can also offer a comparable substitute for the out of stock item.
  • Layaway: A store must disclose its policy on layaway plans, including cancellation and return (or non-return) of payments already made. Merchants cannot change the price of merchandise by increasing payments or by substituting lower priced merchandise.
  • Warranty: In Massachusetts, all goods are covered by an implied warranty of merchantability, meaning the item must reasonably conform to an ordinary buyer’s expectation for a reasonable amount of time. A toaster that does not toast would not conform to this warranty and would be eligible for a repair, refund, or replacement. Remember, warranties don’t exist if you buy a product anywhere other than a store (For example, a computer purchased from a restaurant that does not usually sell computers will not have this implied warranty).