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Introducing our totally tubular DIY bracelet kits that are so 90's, they practically come with a side of nostalgia! Are you ready to embark on a time-traveling journey filled with neon colors, grunge vibes, and more 90's hits than you can shake a slap bracelet at? Then buckle up, because these kits are like a virtual time machine for your wrist.

Choose from our 7 different themed kits, each a blast from the past in its own unique way. Whether you're all about the hip-hop, craving some pop, or ready to rock out, we've got a kit that will make your inner 90's kid jump for joy. Each kit is jam-packed with a radical mix of 4 seed bead colors, enamel and acrylic charms, stretch cord, a beading needle and clip, polymer beads, instructions, and, the cherry on top, a playlist scancode that's more fly than your Tamagotchi.

Not only will you be crafting some bangin' bracelets, but you'll also be creating the perfect backdrop for your very own 90's dance party. So, gather your slap bracelets, scrunchies, and neon fanny packs because these kits are making a comeback, and they're ready to party like it's 1999 (or, you know, a decade earlier).

But remember, these kits are meant for ages 12 and up, so if you're too young to remember pogs and VHS tapes, you might want to recruit an older sibling to help out. With enough beads to make 8+ bracelets, you'll be trading them with your friends faster than you can say, "Talk to the hand!" So don't wait, grab your kit, start beading, and let the 90's vibes flow!

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